Green Catering

Greenleaf Catering was created in Spring of 2014 dedicated to green catering for corporations. It grew from Root & Stem’s growth in the Washington DC catering market as both a full service and drop off catering company. Our focus on seasonal, locally sourced foods made from scratch has been widely accepted for clients planning events or corporate catering. We felt as corporate catering is a segment of our business that needed a dedicated division with a complete focus on our corporate clients.

The food is still prepared from our kitchen at Root & Stem and led by our culinary team that continue to see our new, healthy ideas making office lunches interesting again. We have created an extensive corporate menu as well as supplemental seasonal menus that help keep your selections interesting, unique and the best tasting in the area.

Virginia Green Certification

We are committed to a variety of eco-friendly efforts from offering only biodegradable utensils, using local sources, energy efficient offices and much more that have earned us 3 stars by the Green Restaurant Association as well as Virginia Green certification. Our commitment to the environment and the communities that we serve has never changed from the day we opened our doors.

The products that we source are from companies that follow the same procedures and standards that we do. We focus on purchasing from small farms, eco-friendly companies, specialty purveyors and others that add a special unique touch that we feel shows in the final product we serve.

Contact us today to provide your next business lunch with our delicious green catering approach.

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